WGTF Awards


The following golf teaching professionals have been named as the WGTF Top 100 Teachers for 2020-2021. This list is the only worldwide ranking of golf teaching professionals. Those on the list were selected for their teaching acumen and accomplishments and were nominated by their respective federations. Congratulations to the following WGTF members:

Abdul Waheed – Pakistan
Adrian Bernal – United States
Alejandro Duque – Costa Rica
Alice Brown – United States
Andres Mejia – Mexico
Andy Rosales – United States
Anthony Benny – Trinidad
Arlen Bento – United States
Binglin Zhang – China
Bjorn Beekman – Netherlands
Bong Cheon Choi – Korea
Bower Harris – United States
Brad Sims – Canada
Brad Weake – Canada
Brendan Doyle – United States
Brent Davies – United States
Bruce Sims – United States
Camillia Bernini Zeigler – Italy
Carlo Macaluso – Canada
Carlos de Barros – United States
Cesar Ghinaglia – Mexico
Charles Sperandeo – United States
Christopher Richards – Trinidad
Christopher Warner – United States
Cole Golden – United States
Craig Roberts – Australia
David Belling – Canada
David Reid – Canada
Donald Cole – United States
Doug Howell – Canada
Dr .Tariq Malik – Canada
Eric Cass – United States
Frank Menges – United States

Gary Schott – New Zealand
Geoff Saayman – Switzerland
George Yelvington – Ireland
Gil Benavidez – United States
Grant Garrison – Australia
Grant Gulych – Canada
Greg Salazar – Canada
Gustav F. Felix – Germany
Hae Joong Kim – Korea
Hyun Lee – Korea
Jack Correa – Brasil
James Douris – Australia
Jeff Howe – Canada
Jeff Kennedy – United States
Jeong Hun Shin – Korea
Jim LaBuda – United States
Jim Perez – United States
Jim Peters – United States
John Joy – United States
Jos den Hartog – Portugal
Julian Dobko – Canada
Kathy Hester – United States
Keith Jarvis – United States
Keith Renton – Great Britain
Keith Turchan – United States
Leo Van Bennekom – Netherlands
Luis Menezes – Brazil
Mark Harman – United States
Martin Rivera – Guatemala
Matt Smith – United States
Melvin Blair – United States
Michael Wolf – United States
Mike Sidlinger – United States

Mike Stevens – United States
Nazeer Tajudeen – Tanzania
Norbert Bieg – Germany
Pat Church – United States
Paul DiStefano – United States
Peter Hudson – Great Britain
Peter T. David – West Indies
Rafael Conde – Mexico
Ray Savoy – United States
Reinier Touw – Netherlands
Richard Perine – United States
Ricky Campbell – Trinidad
Robert Corbo – United States
Ron Platz – United States
Roy Ellis – Great Britain
Ryan Bishop – United States
Sachin Prasad Bhattarai – Nepal
Scotty McAlarney – United States
Seth Dichard – United States
Sho Aoki – Japan
Steve Oostrom – Canada
Steve Pezzino – United States
Sungmin Baek – United States
Tendy Tsia – Singapore
Thomas Tucker – United States
Thomas Wartelle – United States
Tim Crough – Canada
Tim Hofstetter – United States
Valentin Quiros – Costa Rica
Walt Abraham – United States
Wayne Dahlstrom – United States
Woo Hyun Kwon – Korea
Yoshihiko Umezaki – Japan
Zhixue Li – China


Being inducted into the WGTF Hall of Fame is the highest honor one may receive within the organization. To be considered for this achievement the following requirements must be met:

  • Must be/have been an “active” member for a minimum of 10 years
  • Must have been named a WGTF Top 100 Teacher at least 3 times
  • Must have participated in a minimum of 5 World Golf Teachers Cup events
  • Must complete a document review and interview by International Advisory Board

WGTF Hall of Fame Inductees:

Ken Butler 1996 USA
Mark Harman 1998 USA
Gary Cooney 1999 Australia
Mike Stevens 2004 USA
Thomas T Wartelle 2007 USA
Ricky Campbell 2010 Trinidad & Tobago
Dave Hill 2013 Canada
Shuichi Yaginuma 2020 Japan
Peter Hudson 2020 England
Geoff Bryant 2021 Canada