WGTF Awards


The following golf teaching professionals have been named as the WGTF Top 50 Teachers for 2022-2023. This list is the only worldwide ranking of golf teaching professionals. Those on the list were selected for their teaching acumen and accomplishments and were nominated by their respective federations. Congratulations to the following WGTF members:

Alejandro Duque – Costa Rica
Alejandro Garcia – Spain
Anthony Benny – Trinidad
Anthony McMullin – United States
Bjorn Beekman – Netherlands
Brent Parker – New Zealand
Cesar Ghingalia Reyes – Mexico
Chih Ching Chuang – Malaysia
Craig Roberts – Australia
David Marshall – West Indies
David Smith – United States
Dennis Caban – Puerto Rico
Dillon Fay – United States
Francisco Matos – Portugal
Gabor Lehoczky – Hungary
Gary Schott – New Zealand

George Claffey – United States
Gero Haefner – Germany
Grant Garrison – Australia
Gregory Salazar – Canada
Jae Yong Park – Korea
Jeff Howe – Canada
Jeffrey Jay Johnson – United States
Jerrold Ellstrom – United States
John Wee Chong Lee – Singapore
Jonathan Draycott – Great Britain
Juston Smart – United States
Keith Renton – Scotland
Ken Butler – United States
Ken Hill – Thailand
Kuan-Yu Chen – Taiwan
Kyu Bum Lee – Korea
Mark Stephens – United States

Martin Rivera – Guatemala
Masaru Murakoshi – Japan
Michael Kotschwar – Austria
Muhammad Imran – Pakistan
Nazeer Tajudeen – Tanzania
Peter Hudson – Great Britain
Rafael Conde Juaristi – Mexico
Ruald Strydom – South Africa
Sachin Prasad Bhattarai – Nepal
Sophia Li – Canada
Steve Williams – United States
Thomas L. Lanier – Switzerland
Tonny van Leeuwen – Netherlands
Won Kil Lee – Korea
Yader Jara Alvarez – Nicaragua
Young Sik Won – Korea
Yumi Sameshima – Japan


Being inducted into the WGTF Hall of Fame is the highest honor one may receive within the organization. To be considered for this achievement the following requirements must be met:

  • Must be/have been an “active” member for a minimum of 10 years
  • Must have been named a WGTF Top 100 Teacher at least 3 times
  • Must have participated in a minimum of 5 World Golf Teachers Cup events
  • Must complete a document review and interview by International Advisory Board

WGTF Hall of Fame Inductees:

Ken Butler 1996 USA
Mark Harman 1998 USA
Gary Cooney 1999 Australia
Mike Stevens 2004 USA
Thomas T Wartelle 2007 USA
Ricky Campbell 2010 Trinidad & Tobago
Dave Hill 2013 Canada
Shuichi Yaginuma 2020 Japan
Peter Hudson 2020 England
Geoff Bryant 2021 Canada